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Skip & Grab Hire

Skip & Grab Hire

Q:  I don't want to put the skip on my drive/ garden.  Can't it just go on the road?

Q:  What size of skip do I need?

A:  Yes, however you will need to pay for a permit to be issued by the local council that will incur a small additional charge.  Don't worry though as we will arrange this on your behalf.  Further information is available on  our Permits page.


If the skip is to be placed in a controlled parking zone (i.e. on a single yellow line or in a residents parking or pay & display bay), you will also need a parking suspension.    


Please call us to discuss if you have any further queries.

Q:  What can I put in the skip?

Q: How long can I keep the skip for?

A:  Our usual hire period is 2 weeks but if you need the skip for longer, please let us know when you book.


Remember that a skip on Council land will need the right length of permit or it may even need extending - we will call you about this at the time your permit runs out if you haven't already booked a collection.  


Please note that we will not collect the skip until you have booked in a collection with us and would ask that you remember to do this as soon as you are finished with it.

A:  The short answer is that it depends on what you are planning to put in it!  Check out our page on skip sizes for guidance and you can always ring us for more advice.  


Please take care to order the right size of skip for the amount of waste you have. Ordering two Midi skips gets rid of the same volume of waste as one Maxi skip but costs a lot more.


In particular be aware that unless you can break down bulky items, they are unlikely to fit into the smaller skips.

A:  The following types of waste can't be put in a general skip because they need to be disposed of in a particular way for environmental reasons;


  • Asbestos

  • Gas Cylinders/ Aerosols

  • Clinical/ Medical Waste

  • Food

  • Paint/ Oils

Q:  How long will I have to wait for my skip?

A:  We can usually deliver a skip the same day depending on how busy we are.  Just try to order as early as possible, preferably at least the day before and we should be able to accommodate you.  


We always aim to deliver by the end of the following day in all cases and we won't make promises that we can't keep.

Q: How much can I safely put in the skip?

A:  We have a duty under the Health & Safety at work etc. Act 1974 to ensure that our drivers and the general public (including our customers) are not put at risk.


The first skip is filled correctly to an acceptable level but the  over-filled skip would not be collected.


The waste inside the skip must be no higher than the sides to ensure that the skip can be safely collected.


Even though the driver will cover the skip with a safety net, this would only prevent light waste from blowing off the top whilst in transit.


In addition, all HGV drivers are monitored by the DVSA and may lose their licence if they were to collect a skip that is dangerously overloaded and we cannot therefore compel the driver to take an unsafe load.

Q:  Is there anything that can't go in a skip?

A:  The following items are suitable for placing in a skip;


  • General Building Material

  • Hardcore/ Soil

  • Metal

  • Kitchens/ Bathrooms

  • Wood

  • Garden Waste

  • Cardboard/ Packaging

  • General Household Items

  • Fridges/ Freezers

  • Tyres/ Batteries

  • Fluorescent Lamps

  • Hazardous/ Toxic Material

If you need to get rid of carpets and/ or plasterboard, we can only hire a skip to you on a fixed price basis if the amount of these items placed in the skip is kept to a maximum of 10% of the total waste in the skip.  If you need to dispose of a significant volume of these waste types please call 01204 578882 to discuss prices.


Unlike most other skip hire companies we will take a mattress in the skip but it MUST be placed in the bottom of the skip and fit wholly within it and NOT laid on top of an already full skip.

Q:  The skip is full - When will you collect it?

A:  Just call us when you are finished with the skip and we will normally collect it within 24 hours. We won't normally come for it without speaking to you first.  


Please note that we cannot guarantee same day collections especially at busy times so try and give as much notice as possible.


If you have an urgent need for the skip to be collected by a certain time please consider this when you ring the office to arrange the collection.  


All deliveries and collections should only ever be booked with the office; the drivers will not be able to process any type of order.

Q:  I only need the skip for a day - Is it any cheaper?

The cost of hiring a skip is not based on the length of time that you have the skip in your possession but rather the cost of transport, waste disposal and overheads.  


Please note that we operate on a fixed price basis charging an average price to all of our customers.


If you need a skip exchanging, the replacement skip will be charged at the normal rate for the size ordered.

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